“I want the world to know how appreciative and grateful the Dialogue NB Team is regarding your collaboration on a number of projects with us these past few months. You are an outstanding professional who brings tremendous value to the project, whether big or small. We could not have pulled off our events in September without your assistance, especially as Conference Curator of Dialogue Day 2021. You executed upon our vision and brought it to life without flinching when we were face with challenges along the way. You are an extraordinary leader, ally, and community-minded citizen who exemplifies strategic clarity and social impact. On behalf of the team and board, thank you so much for your help and especially for being the wonderful person that you are. It was a delight to work with you and I hope we will have other projects we can collaborate on in the near future! Merci beaucoup Vanessa pour tout!”

Nadine Duguay-Lemay, CEO, Dialogue NB

Strategy & Governance

The Folding Chair Group specializes in aligning teams to create, refine, or clarify their visions, missions and values. From that foundation, we help you create compelling goals and action plans.

How does a strategy consultant make an impact on my business?

Short answer: A business strategy consultant guides business owners or organizational leaders with decision making in regards to their business strategy. We clear the way, simplify and provide a sounding board with expertise.

Leaders make many decisions every day – strategic decisions focus on where to allocate resources (money, people, time) to achieve the desired objective of the organization. The Folding Chair Group focuses on deep listening to you and your team to ensure that you’re making the best decisions for your organization. It’s difficult for someone outside of your organization to come in with the answers – our differentiator is our deep listening and challenging you to untangle the decisions facing you.

We can then work with you to develop the governance structures required to achieve your mission. Governance can seem boring, though the behind-the-scenes systems and processes will play a large role in the ease with which you meet your success.

Choose your level of support:




“I was looking for support to communicate more efficiently, effectively, and professionally. My desired areas of focus on communication revolved around presentation skills, executive presence, organizational storytelling, message development, and motivation for both internal and external audiences. Through Vanessa’s coaching I was able to achieve this, in addition to increasing my self awareness, identify gaps in my management skills, and make more discerning decisions.”

Richard Wilson, CEO & Lead Engineer, Moodie

Coaching & Facilitation

We all need sounding boards – the busier we get, the more we have rattling around in our heads that needs to get sorted. A coach is someone who walks alongside of you and reflects back based on the context you’re in. We help you clarify your context and your goals so that you can create the impact you’re seeking – whether that be community oriented, revenue based, or living an integrated life. The days of segmenting your life are over – energy and clarity in your professional life can bring vital clarity to other aspects of your life.

Business and executive coaching used to be reserved for those who were struggling – now it’s recognized as a competitive differentiator for executives who want to create more impact while still living an integrated life.

Why should I hire a business/executive coach?

Leadership can be lonely.A trusted advisor outside is a big help when times are tough — ensuring a leader has a thinking partner and trusted confidante when they are leading others through difficult times can bring almost immeasurable benefit.

Coaches typically work on the leader’s most pressing challenges – one of the reasons ROI is so much higher with coaching than most training and development is that it is customized.

Focus. A great coach cuts through the noise of 1,000 emails and competing priorities to help the executive find the 2-3 levers that will have the most impact on results – theirs and the company’s.

“Vanessa is an inspiring executive coach whose assistance and support was instrumental in the career transition and life changes I was navigating. Her professionalism, the questions she posed, and the perspectives she shared will have a lasting impact. Vanessa’s positive approach and kindness shone as she reminded me to celebrate my accomplishments and the internal progress I was achieving. I consider myself fortunate to have received guidance from Vanessa that helped me confidently determine next steps and make informed and reflective decisions while forging a new path.”

Jeff Baxter, instructional designer & former school principal

Funding & Business Development

Folding Chair Group helps social-purpose organizations find the money they need; whether grants, sponsorships, loans or equity financing.

Why choose to work with The Folding Chair Group?

When working with the organizational leader(s) to produce a financing application, our background gives us the:

CONFIDENCE to ask the right questions, CREDIBILITY to understand the answer and the JUDGMENT to know when to re-think a strategy.

As a result, we extract meaningful, impactful content from the applicant.

We have worked with dozens of financing organizations to raise over $2.5 million in funding for our clients. Our familiarity with the programs, people and processes within each agency makes us both knowledgeable and efficient.

“Vanessa has a quiet, insistent way of probing to the heart of an issue. With her strategic mind and extensive business experience, she’s able to tease at just the right threads of a challenging situation, until the whole tangle suddenly unknots. She’s able to do this so deftly that my perspective on a business problem would often do a 180-degree turn in a single session. Confusion became clarity, just like that. I highly recommend Vanessa to anyone who’s looking for a coach to bring out the best in their problem-solving and decision-making abilities.”

Dawn Henwood, PhD